How To Read Encapsulated Past Performances

RsPos TM Encapsulated PP's

The RsPos TM Encapsulated PP Report was created for those who want a little more information about the horse's last 10 races than show on the Summary Report, yet compact enough to fit one race on a page. We achieved this goal with this report.

Race Header

Encapsulated PP Report race header

This contains the race date, track, race number, distance, surface, race type and purse, race conditions, and all available wagering options.

Horse Data

Encapsulated PP Report Horse Data

This section contains information about the horse, trainer, and jockey. First is the saddle cloth number, post position, horse name, morning line odds, days since last race (DSLR), Projected RsPos TM for today's race, the horse's best raw 1/4 mile time and the 1/2 mile time in that race. The last number on this line is the projected position of this horse at the "start" or "break" call in today's race based upon his past performances at the "start" or "break" call.

Next is the jockey and his last 365 days starts, win, place, show, and win %. Below that is the same information for the trainer. Next come the horse's starts, win, place and show for either routes or sprints, for this distance, and at this track. At the bottom are any Significant Facts for this horse and his Average Earnings per start along with his rank within this field.

Fractional Time and Speed Rating Rankings

Encapsulated PP Report fractional time and speed rankings

This box shows how the horse's last race fractional times to the 1/4, to the 1/2, and for the stretch fraction (or final 1/8) rank compared to all other horses in the race. A "1" ranking indicates that this horse ran the fastest time in its last race of all the other horses in today's race. Next to the times are rankings of Cramer Speed Ratings for the horse's last race, the best CSR from his 2nd to 4th races back, the best CSR from his 5th to 8th races back, the best CSR for the last 3 races at today's exact distance/surface (xd). The last column, b1/4, is this horse's rank for the CSR he earned in the race where he ran his fastest opening 1/4 mile.

Past Performances

Encapsulated PP Report past performances

The remaining portion of this report shows each of the horse's last 10 races in a summarized fashion. The CSR (Cramer Speed Rating) is shown at the top, and the best CSR is highlighted in blue. Below that is the horse's Running Style and finish position in that race, with "early" styles highlighted in red. Next are the horse's fractional times for the 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile, adjusted for beaten lengths. The next number is the horse's time for the final 1/8 mile. Again, the best times are highlighted in blue. At the bottom is the race distance, track, track condition, race type, claiming price (where applicable) and purse in thousands.