How To Read Trainer/Jockey/Pedigree Report

RsPos TM Trainer/Jockey/Pedigree Report

The Trainer/Jockey/Pedigree Report contains a wide variety of statistics, some of which will change from horse to horse depending on the conditions of today's race. For instance, if the horse is wearing blinkers for the first time we will show statistics on how the trainer does when first adding blinkers. If the race is a sprint and the horse last ran in a route race, we will show statistics on how the trainer does when moving his horses from sprint to route. Other examples include first and second after a layoff, purse drops and rises, turf to dirt, and dirt to turf.

Race Header

TJP Report race header

This contains the race date, track, race number, distance, surface, race type and purse, race conditions, and all available wagering options.

Horse-Trainer-Jockey Statistics

TJP Report horse-trainer-jockey statistics

These statistics are derived from the last 365 days. The first section on the left is the horse's saddle cloth number, trainer, and jockey names. Next to that are general statistics for the trainer which will vary depending on the horse and race. This example shows the trainer's starts, wins, win %, and ROI (to 1.00) for Dirt Routes, Claiming races, with 4 year olds and up, and at today's track (TUP). Next is the trainer-jockey combination overall and on dirt. Then comes the trainer's record with favorites and with horses at odds > 10-1. The last section contains statistics that are pertinent to this horse in today's race. If the horse has front wraps on today, for instance, we know that the trainer wins 0% with FWp ON. This horse is making his second start after a layoff and we see the trainer hits at 0% in this category.

Pedigree Statistics

TJP Report pedigree statistics

The last portion of the report contains pedigree statistics (starts, wins, and win %) for the Sire's progeny, the Dam Sire's grand-progeny, and the Dam's progeny. These statistics are calculated from the last 5 years plus the current year.