Welcome to Handicapper's Data Warehouse


If you have gotten to this page, you must be interested in the sport of Thoroughbred Horse Racing. Perhaps you are a casual racing fan who likes to bet the races on occasion but would like to have a better way of choosing your wagers than betting a jockey you like or the name of the horse that your spouse likes. Maybe you are a serious handicapper looking for a way to improve your return on investment. You might even be a trainer trying to decide which races to place your charges in, or to predict how today's race might shape up. You need a reliable source of past race data, analyzed by robust and statistically proven methods to provide a predictive model...look no further!!

Handicapper's Data Warehouse, with headquarters in the heart of the Bluegrass Country, provides exactly this information on Thoroughbred racing to horseplayers, breeders, owners, jockeys, and trainers.

There are two ways to take advantage of the power of the methods of Handicapper's Data Warehouse. First, you can download your choice of two types of handicapping reports daily for the races and tracks in which you are interested. You can handicap directly off the data provided, with a helping of your own experience. Or, if you prefer to massage your data a bit, you can download race files directly into one of our partner software packages!

Handicapping Reports

RsPos TM (Running Style-Position) is our own handicapping report, a complete methodology designed to help understand how a race will be run. It is the only tool used internally at HDW to handicap races! Follow the link to get more information on RsPos TM.

Track Judge Reports and Performance Space Graphs were designed by Charles Judge to present a comprehensive, multifactored approach to a race in the most concise format possible. Using our proprietary databases combined with his own methodologies, he provides a unique look at predicting the outcome of a race. Follow the link to get more information on Track Judge.

Race Data Files

With a subscription to HDW, you can download our data daily to your high quality handicapping software to enhance your handicapping experience! In order to obtain a handicapping software compatible with HDW's race files, follow the link to our software page!

For pricing and more information on an HDW subscription, follow the link to our pricing page!